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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy Apple Gifting Day

One of the numerous customs observed to commemorate New Year's Day is Apple Gifting Day, a yearly occasion held on January 1. The act of presenting apples to individuals on this momentous day is a gesture of goodwill, wishing them good health and happiness throughout the year, as apples are emblematic of prosperity. Apples are a remarkable fruit due to their diverse range of varieties, including candied apples, apples suitable for tarts and pies, and those that are best consumed raw. Therefore, on this Apple Gifting Day, it is recommended to consider gifting your loved ones with an apple.

Happy Apple Gifting Day

Apple Gifting Day History

The act of giving apples as a customary gift has a lengthy historical background that dates back to pre-Christian times. In ancient Greek and Roman empires, fruits were traditionally exchanged as presents to commemorate the beginning of a new year.

The Celtic nations also upheld a significant tradition that spread throughout Europe, involving the exchange of mistletoe, golden nuts, and branches from sacred trees.

During the 17th century, non-berry fruits were commonly referred to as "apples."

As a symbol of great prosperity, apples came to represent various concepts, including affluence, beauty, knowledge, love, and good health. On New Year's Day, it was customary for family and friends to exchange small gifts, with fruit gifts, particularly apples, being highly valued during these special occasions.

The practice of presenting gifts on New Year's Day traveled with the advancement of science and the migration of European settlers to distant lands. Similarly, in the United States, the act of giving fruits to individuals was adopted and preserved as a fundamental aspect of American culture by European settlers.

During the early era of American history, it was customary for teachers to receive apples as a form of payment.

Even as teachers began to receive monetary compensation, this tradition persisted, albeit with a gradual shift in the purpose of apples from payment to a means of expressing gratitude.

Presently, this custom serves as a nostalgic reminder of the past rather than a significant practice. Nonetheless, it retains an idealistic charm.

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Happy Apple Gifting Day