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This year's Friday Fish Fry Day falls on February 16 and is observed on the first Friday of Lent each year. Although most Americans cel...

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Saturday, February 4, 2023

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is an internationally known event that is celebrated on February 4th. Its goals are to raise public awareness of cancer and encourage efforts to prevent, detect, and treat the disease. The World Cancer Declaration of 2008's goals are supported by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which is leading this important day.

World Cancer Day

The main goal of World Cancer Day is to significantly lower the number of cancer-related diseases and deaths.

It also acts as a catalyst to encourage the international community to address the injustices related to the avoidable suffering that this disease causes. This day is actively observed by the United Nations.

World Cancer Day seeks to dispel myths, increase understanding, and lessen stigma.

On World Cancer Day, a number of programs are held to show support for cancer patients.

Among these are the #NoHairSelfie movements, which aim to inspire bravery in cancer patients by encouraging "hairticipants" to physically or virtually shave their heads.

Following that, participant photos are circulated across social media. There are also hundreds of events that happen worldwide.

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World Cancer Day