Samantha was injured while filming her web series Citadel.

It is well known that the espionage action series "Citadel," starring Samantha, has started shooting. Samantha is a character in the fictional "Citadel" novel by the Russo Brothers that is set in India. Varun Dhawan will appear in the Raj and DK-produced television series alongside Samantha. The most recent development is that it appears the attractive actress hurt herself while filming some action sequences for the show.

After filming some action scenes, she posted a picture of her injured hands on her social networking profile. Samantha posted a photo of her battered hand with the caption "perks of action".

Samantha was injured while filming her web series Citadel.

Samantha recently posted a film of herself practicing action scenes with Yannick Ben, a stunt performer and action director. In Mumbai, the television series is presently in production. The unit, according to reports, is presently filming in locations in northern India and will then travel to Serbia and South Africa. In this Raj and DK series, Samantha and Varun Dhawan will both portray chic spies.

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