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How to Talk About Wellbeing with Young People

It might be tough to open up a conversation with a young child about how they are actually feeling, whether you are a parent, teacher, or friend.

You may be concerned about making things awkward, not knowing what to say, or just saying the 'wrong' thing.

We interviewed young people in schools and youth groups to learn what wellbeing means to them and how adults should approach them about it.

How to Talk About Wellbeing with Young People

What exactly is well-being?

To various people, happiness might mean different things. In terms of terminology, it is how we are doing - it is about our emotions and how we perceive our life and ourselves. We asked teenagers to explain what it means to them. Their replies demonstrate how diverse and personal the phrase can be.

Making the best of your life is what wellbeing entails.

With the fast-paced nature of social media, young people nowadays may find it even more difficult to take a pause and reflect on how they are feeling. That is why discussing their well-being with them is critical. These more unpleasant topics are sometimes brushed aside. However, young people made it plain that they appreciated being asked about it.

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