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How significant are morality and honesty?

Even if one's actions are based on lying and self-deception, one still needs to respond to situations with integrity. All of this is truthful. I am forthright about my deception, falsehoods, and desire. It is the reality. I am unable to accept your GS4 Ethics.

Since everyone has a different perspective on ethics, we are unable to duplicate my approach, but I did my best to be as truthful as possible in my responses to Ethics GS4.

How significant are morality and honesty?

When possible, I have cited quotes from a range of people.

Cases and questions can be addressed by citing the lives of individuals such as Kailash Satyarthi, Malala, Mother Teresa, E.Shreedharan, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Manjunath, etc.

It is not necessary for integrity to adhere to a set of beliefs. It's not about conforming to belief systems in any way, nor is it about accepting a belief system that has been preconditioned or imposed from without. Since the manipulation of oneself by believing that which is true requires exposing the falsehood that one believes oneself to be, integrity is the capacity to deceive oneself by presenting seeming layers that makeup "belief" that is founded on beliefs. honesty and morality.

There are two perspectives on "integrity," and they are diametrically opposed. As an illustration, I'll use the term "integrity" from "The Dictionary" (from "Mac") "Mac" (Copyright (c) 2005-2018 Apple Inc.)).

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