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Friday, December 1, 2023

Best States for Homesteading in 2023

Are you contemplating a significant lifestyle change in order to achieve greater self-sufficiency? Discover the states that are most suitable for homesteading, allowing you to fulfill your aspirations.

Homesteading entails adopting an independent way of life, encompassing activities such as cultivating and producing one's own food, preserving it through canning, and even engaging in sewing to create one's own clothing, as well as homeschooling one's children.

Homesteads emerged throughout the nation as individuals initially settled in the United States and sought to establish a new existence. To encourage population dispersion and attract settlers to the Western regions, the Homesteading Act of 1862 was enacted. Under this legislation, individuals who agreed to cultivate the land were granted 160 acres, resulting in the federal government awarding 373,000 homesteads by 1890. While modern homesteading offers more modern conveniences, the fundamental concept of "living off the land" remains unchanged.

Determining an ideal location for homesteading is subjective, thus it is crucial to carefully consider your priorities and conduct thorough research. Our ranking of the top states for homesteading serves as a starting point for your exploration.

Best States for Homesteading in 2023


Tennessee boasts some of the most exceptional farmland in the United States, coupled with a lengthy growing season of approximately nine months, rendering it the preeminent state for homesteading. Moreover, the state provides one of the most substantial homesteading tax benefits, amounting to $5,000, and has amicable homesteading regulations. Additionally, for those seeking complete self-sufficiency, an allowance for rainwater collection is also available.

Due to its economic cost of living and property taxes, Tennessee is already a favored destination for advocates of sustainable living, ranking among the top states for off-grid living. In fact, Tennessee hosts the Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference annually. However, it is important to note that inclement weather, storms, and flooding are prevalent in the region.


When contemplating Idaho, one may readily associate it with potatoes. This is attributable to the state's possession of some of the most exceptional soil in the country, which is a promising prospect for those aspiring to homestead in the future. The region boasts an abundance of fertile, lush farmland that remains untapped. One may elect to reside entirely off the grid or become a member of one of the state's numerous sustainable living communities. Homesteaders enjoy the advantages of economical living expenses, a low incidence of criminal activity, and convenient access to a plethora of outdoor recreational pursuits.


Oregon is widely recognized as one of the most desirable states for homesteading, owing to its plentiful resources such as moderate climate, arable land, water rights, and a hospitable and sizable community. In select regions of the state, one may still retain up to 160 acres of land as a commemoration of the Homesteading Act of 1862.

Sufficing for one's household's sustenance is a straightforward task, and year-round farmers' markets provide an avenue for selling any surplus produce. Given the state's geographical diversity, one may select a location that best aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

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Best States for Homesteading in 2023