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Friday, January 19, 2024

Good Memory Day

Every year on January 19, we celebrate Happy Memory Day, a time to remember the happy times in our lives, both past and present, and to create new memories for the future.

We enjoy looking through old photo albums and having a good laugh over a humorous memory of this particular holiday.

As the name implies, this is also an ideal day to put your memory to the test. Have a memorable day by creating a memory game based on significant childhood experiences. Today, schedule a delightful family outing or give your best buddy the long-overdue call.

Research on human memory dates back to Aristotle's day. Aristotle's work "On the Soul" contains the first attempts to comprehend memory. He was the first to argue that people are the sum of their experiences and to compare the human mind to a blank slate.

John Locke, an English empiricist, popularized this concept later on and used the name "tabula rasa."

German philosopher Herman Ebbinghaus conducted a scientific study of memory in the middle of the 1880s.

Good Memory Day

He tried forming meaningful sentences out of lists of nonsensical syllables in multiple tests. He divided memory into three categories: sensory, short-term, and long-term, based on his research. The ideas of the forgetting and learning curves are also attributed to Ebbinghaus.

Richard Semon first put forth the theory that human experience physically alters the neurons in our brains in 1904. This is referred to as a memory trace or engram. Rats were used in experiments by American psychologist Karl Lashley to discover that memories are dispersed throughout the brain.

Three processes occur in the brain, according to a recent study: encoding, storage, and retrieval. These processes need to be in harmony for our brain to remember memories.

While the human brain may form memories even while a person is still in the womb, most people are unable to recall their early years before they are three or four years old.

However, that's alright! We all have occasional forgetfulness, after all.

Good Memory Day offers you the chance to reflect on all the wonderful memories you have of the past and to make new ones for the future. Don't forget to recognize and be kind to people who experience memory loss in the meantime.

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Good Memory Day